Not the most pleasant prognosis.

Because of the “Spring law“, which obliges operators and service providers to store data of Russians in Russia will increase prices for connection. According to the President of Uralac Leonid Blinova, to compensate for all the costs of the implementation of the “law of Spring” operators have to increase the fee tariff twice.

In the Federal security service predict a smaller impact of the “law of Spring” on the price of the bond. According to the FSB, the cost of communication services in Russia will grow by only 10%. The Department believes that this will be enough to cover all the additional expenditures caused by the need to store user data on their servers.

The operators themselves still keep a wait and see attitude, not revealing their plans to increase prices of communications. Previously, the operators estimated the cost of implementing “law of Spring”. In the “MegaFon” said that this requires 35-40 billion rubles. for five years, MTS — 60 billion rubles., and in the “Beeline” — 45 billion rubles.

A key requirement of the “law” of Spring came into effect from 1 July 2018. According to him, Telecom operators, messengers, e-mail services, social networks and other organizers of information distribution has received a commitment to start storing calls, messages and other user data for six months.

“The law of Spring” didn’t work from the beginning. Operators reported that they are unable to fulfill the requirements of the law due to the lack of certified equipment for storage of user data.

Source: RBC.


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