The wearable electronics market from year to year is growing — if in a conditional 2014 it was very difficult to explain to people why they need a smartwatch, then today everyone knows about the existence of the Xiaomi Mi Band and heard something about the Apple Watch.

But wearable gadgets are also as if in a certain stagnation: and if the Apple Watch manages to add new features, such as the ECG, the same Mi Band will soon continue my development as a set of functions of a fitness bracelet is very restricted. It would seem that is all, the market has stalled? Samsung thinks not.

7 July, the Agency for patents and trademarks U.S. published patent from Samsung, which was originally filed in 2015. It says about a new feature built into the strap smart watch, which allows you to measure body composition, including percentage of body fat in the body. This function works on the example of modern smart weights: a device for determining body composition flows an alternating current of low power and analyzes the electrical resistance between fat and not fat tissues. So smart watches will be able to know what is the percentage of fat in the body of the owner.

Most likely, the company will be able to implement a new feature in the next generation of its smart watch Galaxy Watch and the Watch is Active. Date of announcement of the device is unknown, but perhaps they will show the closest major technological exhibition IFA 2019, which will be held from 6 to 11 September.

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