A three-year programme for experienced investors on the basis of the strategy of “technology company” launched “Alfa insurance-Life”. The product provides for the accrual of quarterly fixed income of 6% per annum in the Euro or 10% annual in dollars.

The investment income was accrued, the action must stay within a certain range. For its upper bound is 100% accepted the initial price of the securities at a predetermined date. The lower barrier is at the level of 75% of their initial value. When you run the program each quarter, the customer is charged coupon: 1.5% of the invested amount of the investment in euros or 2.5% when investing in dollars.

As reported by “Uralinformbjuro” the press service of the Company, in the framework of the strategy “Tech company” the client is invested in such giants of the American market, such as Adobe, Apple, Boeing and Facebook — with a total capitalization of almost $ 2 trillion. Their actions are part of the famous stock index is the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ-100, and are also in the portfolios of the largest funds, e.g., Vanguard Group, Blackrock and Berkshire Hathaway.

The strategy has several scenarios depending on the behavior of stocks in the period of the program. The General principle is: while the value of securities held in the range from 75% to 100%, the client every three months is accrued fixed coupon. If shares fall below 75%, the coupon is not paid, but “remembered” and added to the next.

The investment part is automatically closed when the moment of observation the value of the stock with the worst dynamics is above the 100% barrier. Then the client receives 97% of the funds invested, the coupon for the current period and any previously unpaid coupons. At the end of the program “Alfa insurance-Life” pays the remaining 3%.

“We want our customers earn even if the market has not shown signs of strong growth. Therefore, we have developed a flexible program that protects customers from sudden market fluctuations. The strategy of “technology companies” profitable, yet the papers kept in the range of 75-100%. If the paper breaks through the upper level, we return the full amount of investments and accrued investment income. In case of drawdown below 75% coupon “remembered” and added to the next”, — said Deputy General Director of “Alfa insurance-Life” Alexander Denisov.

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