The main task of an Evangelist in the company is the promotion of technologies and promotion of the philosophy of the brand. Thus, the expert gathers an audience of like-minded people who, in turn, become “goodwill ambassadors” and talk about the product of their surroundings. So with the help of the network effects the company manages not only to attract many loyal fans (no wonder the Apple is often compared to a “religious cult”), but ideally, to make your product a technical standard in the industry. IT-known evangelists have shared with his experience and said that such evangelism in practice and how different the profession in Russia and in the West.

In the field of evangelism IT implies a kind of marketing in which users engage in professional discourse and begin voluntarily to promote the company’s product because of its sincere commitment to the brand or technology. As explained by the coordinator of academic programs Department of strategic Microsoft technologies in Russia, IT-known Evangelist Dmitry Soshnikov, the main thing that distinguishes the Evangelist from the seller or marketer, is a deep knowledge of technologies, at the level of your target audience or above. “That’s why often there are technical evangelists, not evangelists in the field, say, toys. It is important to be with the audience, “one blood”, sincerely believe in what you are promoting. In the technology Evangelist must be combined love for technology and a love of people,” says Coulter.

Opener during his career at Microsoft took part in dozens of technology conferences and professional forums, I’m sure that a good Evangelist is not enough knowledge. “In the IT and developing a lot of introverts. Such is the nature of the profession. A successful dialogue with the audience looking for other qualities — openness, willingness to communicate. Of course, their own brand are needed. But more importantly, to be real, authentic, not to go for the sake of building a successful image on a sham,” — said the expert.

The head of Department of innovations and Evangelist of the company Sabre Joakim Eversten supported the Russian colleague and also noted that the role of the Evangelist is very different from a marketer or seller: “the most Important task of the Evangelist is to organically unite the industry in which it operates, with the latest technological advances. The product should not just advertise, but to tell an interesting story about him, about the company. To do this, the Evangelist is bound to be himself interested in technologies, are well versed in their field”.

Eversten stressed that without charisma and excellent presentation skills working IT is impossible Evangelist: “for both startups and successful tech companies trying to win new positions on the market, it’s essential to tell the world about yourself. You always have to wonder how valuable our offer, we can offer the customer? The task of the Evangelist is to give a clear, understandable and interesting answer.”

In our country the name “IT-Evangelist” has not yet caught on, although the positions with similar functions in almost all major technology companies. In the opinion of the project Manager IPEX Global Artematopidae, “in Russia the word “Evangelist” is too explicit religious overtones. In the West, this is easier. When Microsoft and Apple began to appear the first representatives of this profession, they worked within sales. They were mostly people with a background in development — programmers or solution architects, who decided to build a career in marketing. They promoted new technology, and soon they were called evangelists. Why not? That sounds great.”

From the point of view of some employers, the perfect Evangelist, the one who is best able to translate the values and vision of the brand. As told in the press service of the Avast, to work in the company specialist must have the necessary technical skills and be able to confidently talk about the proposed product. The company noted that they choose, on what grounds, on what subject and in what style will be communication with partners and users.

However, there is a fundamentally different point of view about what should be the relationship between the brand and Evangelist. According to SEO Arkell IT-Solution, the ideologist and the founder of Schering-service for promoters LIMA Vladimir Serdyukov, “the market of information technologies requires a stronger focus on the person. People tend to believe not a faceless Corporation, but a man, especially someone who is qualified and competent. Evangelism provides an excellent opportunity to convey to the masses the knowledge about the benefits of technological developments, to break the barrier between the user and the developer. With this task, the marketer will not do it. The Evangelist is the face of IT, it was with him and he will associate” — said Serdyukov.

As noted by AI-Evangelist ABBYY Ivan Yamshchikov, in recent years the popularity of this profession in Russia began to grow. If before this position was available only at branches of international tech giants and major Russian companies, it is now the job of the Evangelist opened and in startups. “The task of the Evangelist is still performing managers within the development or even the CEO. But the situation is gradually changing, and in today’s market it is increasingly popular specialty. In modern marketing the successful promotion of a product largely depends on effective networking, interesting presentations at events and the ability to find a common language with the audience. I think the new market realities of evangelism has great potential,” concluded the coachmen.

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