The changes will take effect from 1 November.

Mobile operator Tele2 warned subscribers about the upcoming increase in fees on two popular features: “dial Tone” and “Melody day.” From 1 November 2018 the cost of both options will be at 3 rubles per day.

Tele2 now provides the service “Beep”, allowing you to set ringtone instead of the regular dial tone when you call for 2.5 rubles per day. Since November 1, 2018 the fee will increase to 3 rubles per day. Thus, the monthly fee for the option will increase by 15 rubles.

Tele2 will increase the subscription fee for the service “Ringtone to yourself” that allows you to change the tone of the song for all outgoing calls. At the moment the cost of service equal to two rubles per day. From 1 November 2018 to pay for it will have three rubles a day. This means that the monthly fee for the service will increase to 30 rubles.

Other settings in options “dial Tone” and “Melody for himself” will not change.

In order to disable “Beep” Tele2 subscribers need to dial USSD-command *130# to open the menu and choose deactivate. Likewise, turn off the option “Tune for themselves.”

Source: Tele2.


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