The new plan caught the fancy of subscribers.

Mobile operator Tele2 opened, which rate is the most popular in the fall of 2018. It turned out that callers often connect to the tariff plan “My unlimited“, which offers completely unlimited Internet with no limits. One of the reasons of the popularity of rate is that for the first two weeks of use tariff, the subscribers should not pay.

Tariff plan “My unlimited” is one of the new Tele2. Despite this, it instantly became the hit of sales among existing subscribers and those switching to Tele2 with other operators retaining the number. About Tele2 officially announced on its official website.

Rate “My unlimited” provides unlimited calls to Tele2 throughout Russia, 500 minutes of calls to other operators and fully unlimited Internet without restrictions. Very importantly, the terms of the unlimited stored for travel in Russia. Many other operators, unlimited Internet with no restrictions works only in the home region.

Subscription fee at the rate of “My unlimited” varies from region to region. In Moscow it is 500 rubles per month, and, for example, in St. Petersburg is 350 rubles per month. In most regions of Russia the fee rate is reduced.

Tele2 offers free-to-try rate “My unlimited” in the next two weeks. The monthly fee does not need to be paid within the first 14 days of use tariff.

Source: Tele2.


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