Important changes have Tele2.

Mobile operator Tele2 announced the closing of some of the most popular rates among subscribers. From 26 November 2018 Tele2 will close the current versions of the tariffs, “My Tele2”, “My conversation”, “My online and My online+” — they will be renamed and will no longer be available to connect new subscribers. The existing Tele2 subscribers who use the listed rates, will not be transferred to the new tariffs and will be able to continue to use their usual plans.

From November 26, Tele2 closed tariff plans “My Tele2”, “My conversation”, “My online and My online+” for new subscribers. Tariffs will be renamed to “My Tele2 11_2018”, “My talking 11_2018”, “My online 11_2018 and My online+ 11_2018” and closed for connection of new subscribers.

Tele2 said that though percents and will be closed to connect the conditions will not change. In this regard, existing subscribers to the listed rates at the moment do not worry about increasing fees.

Tele2 will close the old popular rates in connection with the launch of new tariff plans with similar names: “My Tele2”, “My conversation”, “My online and My online+”. New tariff plans will be improved. Whether the new rates increased the monthly fee currently unknown.

Source: Tele2.


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