A nice bonus when buying a new iPhone.

Mobile operator Tele2 provides owners with the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR for a year of unlimited Internet. To receive a full year of unlimited users of the new Apple smartphones don’t have to connect any service — option is automatically activated.

For new shares Tele2 iPhone XS iPhone XS and XR Max iPhone will get unlimited Internet for a year. To activate the unlimited users will begin to use the services of the operator on one of the new Apple smartphones. Option will connect automatically and will operate during the year.

The Tele2 share held, until 15 December 2018. All users who will have time to connect to Tele2 to this day will get unlimited Internet without any restrictions until December 15, 2019. To take advantage of the promotion will be able and existing Tele2 subscribers who purchased iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max or XR.

Initially, a new campaign has been launched for subscribers of Moscow and Moscow region. Tele2 said that the new iPhone are the most popular in the capital. However, it is expected that in the near future the campaign will be launched in other regions of Russia.

Source: Tele2.


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