Tele2 is using big data technologies analyzed the activity of their clients on the biggest summer open air festivals in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. The company has made a rating of entertainment events number of visitors to their subscribers Tele2 and the amounts of consumption of Internet traffic. The most popular event was the picnic, and the leader on volume of the downloaded traffic — Geek Picnic. In Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, first place went to the Alfa Future People festival.

Tele2 has analyzed the activity of customers at the largest music events: picnic, festivals Park Live Bosco Fresh Fest, “Usadba Jazz”, “Aloma” “Swallow”. The operator also evaluated the science festival Geek Picnic and championship home-made flying machines Red Bull Flugtag. Experts project big data’s office conducted a study using geoanalitica, which allows to analyze the arrays anonymous location data of subscribers in relation to roads, the types of objects that the territory covered by the operator. For accuracy of evaluation were excluded Tele2 clients who live and work near the places of events, as well as those who passed or was passing.

More Tele2 clients visited the Afisha picnic in the Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye. There were about 20% of the total number of subscribers who this summer attended the event outdoors. On the second place in popularity was the festival of science and technology Geek Picnic — it was held in June on the Sparrow hills. Closes the three leaders by the number of guests music festival Park Live. Only a few people went to the ramp of the Rowing channel off homemade devices at the Red Bull Flugtag. In fifth place is the family festival Metro Family, which took place in the children’s day in the Park on the red Presnya.

Rating summer events by the volume of consumed Internet traffic headed Geek Picnic, where Tele2 clients downloaded and sent 1 936 GB of data. Live Park visitors spent 21% less than gigabytes, which puts the event in second place of the rating (1 530 GB). Picnic “Afisha” and the Red Bull Flugtag is located on the third and fourth places. The top five family festival newspaper Metro. In General, at summer festivals, the operator’s subscribers downloaded 9 387 GB and spoke 147 thousand minutes.

The operator also analyzed the activity of customers at summer festivals in Nizhny Novgorod and the region. The amount of downloaded Internet traffic ranked first Alfa Future People, where subscribers downloaded over 4,000 GB in second place — “Rock a fine water.” Three leaders closes the festival of the elements Wafest.

Among manufacturers of smartphones with a big lead Apple: 41% of fans of summer festivals has the gadgets of this brand. On the second place on popularity (17%) were smartphones Xiaomi. Chinese manufacturer ahead of Samsung by just 1 percentage point in Fourth and fifth places with a small difference is the devices and Huawei Honor.

More than half of smartphone owners Apple — women. At the same time, the apparatus Xiaomi and Samsung are more popular among men.

The proportion of men and women in the number of visitors to the summer events were almost equal: 55% and 45% respectively. More than half of festival visitors were Tele2 subscribers aged 25 to 35 years.

Reference: Tele2 mobile operator, which operates in Russia since 2003. Today, the company operates in 67 regions of the country, including Moscow and the Moscow region. By 2018 the subscriber base of the company amounted to 42.3 million users. The product portfolio of Tele2 includes simple and easy suggestions for both individuals and corporate clients. The operator guarantees high quality services and excellent level of customer service. Tele2 is the leader in the Telecom industry index Net Promoter Score (NPS) — user willingness to recommend the company’s services. At the end of II quarter of 2019 NPS was 43%, which exceeds the result of the nearest competitor by 14 p p. Implementing the strategy lifestyle enabler, Tele2 goes beyond the telecoms and creates a new ecosystem of mobile services. In partnership with companies from other sectors by offering innovative products that reflect the preferences of the subscribers and maintain their lifestyle.

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