Very original solution!

Mobile operator Tele2 has launched an innovative new offer that allows customers to improve the terms of their tariffs individually. Tele2 offers subscribers to make the terms better than all the leading operators. To use the new option if desired any subscriber.

We have recently described how an employee of MTS revealed the wayto reduce the charge rate. For this, subscribers need to send an application for transfer your number to another operator. Then, the subscriber contacts the operator’s support and begs her to stay, offering a reduced fee rate. This practice is adopted not only MTS, and all operators “the big four”.

Tele2 decided to apply this practice necessary in a more convenient and obvious form for subscribers. The result of the decision on the official website Tele2 has a new feature that enables subscribers to apply for improvement of conditions of service.

In order to use the option of the subscriber you want to go on the Tele2 website and click on the banner with the text “Found a better offer?“.

When clicked, a pop-up window where you will only have to enter the phone number and name. Then followed a call from customer service Tele2, which asks what is not satisfied customer, and will offer improved conditions.

That’s such a simple way, Tele2 subscribers can save. It is expected that in the future similar services will launch and other operators.


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