Before this was not an option with any carrier.

Mobile operator Tele2 has launched a new unusual for Russian operators of the service “Share gigabytes”. As the name implies, the service allows subscribers to send each other unused gigabytes of traffic, and do it absolutely free.

To transfer unused or otherwise unwanted traffic by using “Share gigabytes” may all subscribers of tariffs “My Tele2”. Make a gift in the form of traffic will subscribers of any operator fees — no restrictions in this respect, Tele2 did not enter.

Tele2 subscribers have the opportunity to present not only gigabytes of main package of Internet, but also the remaining last month. The generated traffic will be in effect for one week of receipt. If the user wants to extend the package online prior to 30 days, he will have to pay 50 rubles. Otherwise, the service is completely free.

The only serious limitation of the service “Share gigabytes” is the inability to pass traffic to other regions. To share traffic with each other can only callers from one region. It is also important to know what the minimum amount of sent traffic is 1 GB.

To use the “Share gigabytes” in your account on the web site of Tele2, the application “My Tele2” or by using USSD commands. In order to send traffic to another subscriber, you must dial the following command: 974*<subscriber number format 7 XXXXXXXXXXXX>*<number of GB to send>#.

The service “Share gigabytes” from Tele2 do not have analogues on the Russian market. However, it is expected that other operators “watch” the idea from in the future Tele2 will offer its subscribers the same option.


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