The company Tele2 has updated the application “My Tele2”, which is used daily by more 1 million clients. The operator has changed the main application screen: it has a ribbon stories, handy tools of the recharge and the quick action, the press service of the company.

“In the design of the app “My Tele2” there is a new element that graphically collects basic information about the customer account (balance, number, the rest of the packages and the name of the price). This SIM-card Tele2. If the client has multiple numbers, Tele2, it can scroll through a “carousel” virtual SIM cards and view information on each of them from the application”, — stated in the message.

Another innovation — this is a newsfeed stories at the top of the main screen. It allows you to talk about the innovative services of the operator, to present the best deals of loyalty programs “More” and even do interesting selection of films. The tape helps the user to get practical information about how the use of the service, explained in a release.

Grocery widget

The middle section of the screen, the number under the virtual SIM card is a quick action. Functions are selected on the basis of the most frequent customer requests in the personal Cabinet. With quick panel, users can add funds to share gigabytes or adjust the rate. To replenish the account to the subscribers of payment instruments available Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Below the quick action menu navigation key functions, which is created taking into account the emergence of new services. When launching new products the operator will be able to easily integrate them into the app. One of the menu sections — the “Travel and roaming”, where subscribers check the cost of calls and Internet visits. Finally, from the home page application, customers can contact the support team and quickly resolve your issue.

In the app “My Tele2” there is a new tab “Finance”, which consolidates all information about customer payments. Through this section users can connect the promised payment, to tie the card and view transaction history.

Loyalty program “More” sought after by the clients of Tele2, so that the operator has retained her third tab of the interface. By 2018 the number of activations has increased more than five times. The program allows customers to receive discounts and cashback from the many partners of Tele2: restaurants, cinemas, jewelry shops, services, hotels and airline tickets, language school etc.

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