Only at a new rate “My unlimited”.

Mobile operator Tele2 announced the launch of lucrative promotions for new subscribers. Anyone who will connect to the new tariff Tele2 “My unlimited”, which provides a completely unlimited mobile Internet, will be granted two weeks of free use of the tariff.

Event “First 2 weeks free” is valid only on new tariff Tele2 “My unlimited”. The tariff plan was launched in early October, becoming the first tariff Tele2 with full unlimited Internet.

According to the terms of the promotion, new subscribers will have to pay for the first two weeks after the transition to a tariff plan “My unlimited”. To pay a subscription fee, however, is still necessary. Customers of Tele2 will need to pay half of the fixed fee rate.

The monthly fee on the tariff plan “My unlimited” varies from region to region. For example, in the Voronezh region it is 350 rubles per month. The inhabitants of this region, which take advantage of action, you will have to pay only 175 rubles for the first month of use tariff. To use the action when porting in Tele2 from another operator, and when buying a new SIM card.

We have already talked about the tariff “My unlimited”. It includes unlimited calls to Tele2 throughout Russia, 500 minutes to other operators and mobile Internet without restrictions.

Source: Tele2.


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