Great move by Tele2!

Mobile operator Tele2 was able to prematurely abolish the domestic roaming charges on all tariffs. Previously, Tele2 reported that this can be done by 31 August, but all the necessary changes turned out to enter by August 28.

Representatives of Tele2, said that the company managed to abolish roaming charges on all tariffs until the deadline. From August 28 to subscribers of all tariffs Tele2 will no longer pay for incoming calls when travelling in Russia.

Tele2 said that most subscribers did not need to pay for incoming and informed. Domestic roaming is worked by only a few tariff plans.

Tele2 not only abolished roaming charges ahead of time, but have done it on favorable terms. Now when you travel to Russia for the subscribers of the operator will be applied the conditions in your home area. This will allow you to save money when traveling even more.

Recall that “Beeline” is already canceled domestic roaming, making it the first among operators of the “big four”. MTS will waive roaming charges on August 31 and “the Megaphone” — September 1.


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