Unusual divorce.

Subscribers of the mobile operator Tele2 has paid attention to the appearance of unusual way of fraud. Attackers use non-standard scheme, because of the newness which many Russians have become victims of the new method. This way of cheating customers leave on social networks and on various specialized resources. At the time of writing the publication discovered over 20 complaints.

The essence of the method

The attackers learned how to embed on websites special scripts that automatically connect to subscribers of paid services with a monthly fee to 30 $ a day. The triggering of these scripts are different depending on the website. Most often to connect, the user must click on the link on which the attackers are actively lure potential victims. For example, the malicious link are responsible for the connection of paid services, may be located on the “Download”button.

Once the service is activated for a subscriber, he receives an SMS notification about the successful opening of access to entertainment online. In most cases, the SMS shall be notified about the opening of access to various resources, e.g. media-cloud.biz. All subscribers who complained of a paid subscription, said that not even heard about such resources and could not agree to grant access to them for 30 rubles a day.

Because of this, most of the callers admitted that incoming SMS-notification about granting access, they are perceived as spam. And this is not surprising as SMS to the caller is prompted to send a text message to cancel the service. Subscribers are accustomed to consider such requests are fraudulent, and so many of them are not turned off suddenly connected to a service fee of 30 rubles a day.

As a result, customers were debited for a new service in the amount of 90 rubles. Only when they noticed a strange leakage of money from the account, they opened a personal account and found a new incomprehensible service with a large monthly fee. To avoid such write-offs to subscribers of all operators are advised to check personal account for new paid service after receiving any weird SMS.


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