Higher prices predicted.

Mobile operator Tele2 announced that from 11 December 2018 will be increased charges for some services. The changes will affect a variety of mobile Internet services, most of which will go to the archive and will be restarted with the identical names, but with the new conditions. The increase in fees on services will amount to at least 10%.

Tele2 announced that on December 11, the operator lifts the monthly fee under the service “Unlimited Opera Mini” for 10%. In addition, Tele2 will transfer the popular services “7 GB”, “GB 20”, “50 GB”, “Day” and “Internet phone” in the archives. Instead, the operator immediately will launch new services with similar names, but modified terms and conditions and subscription fee.

It is noteworthy that at the time of the announcement of the changes, the operator did not disclose the cost of an updated services. In this regard, it is unclear how much the price will rise restarted options.

Previously CEO of Tele2 Sergey Admin officially commented on the rumors about the operator’s plans to increase the fee for rates and services. He confirmed that Tele2 does have such plans. The operator will have to do it in connection with the increase in spending on enforcement of the “law of Spring”.


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