Best rates Tele2.

Mobile operator Tele2 opened which rates most often will join the Russians in the last month and a half. To popular fare “My unlimited”, offering completely unlimited access to the mobile Internet, was joined by another tariff plan.

In the fall of 2018, Tele2 subscribers are paying special attention to the Internet. The first of the two most popular tariffs of the operator is the plan “My unlimited”. It offers unlimited mobile Internet without any significant restrictions, unlimited calls to Tele2 and 500 minutes to mobile numbers of other operators throughout Russia.

Charges apply “My unlimited” varies from region to region. In Moscow the monthly fee is 500 rubles per month. And, for example, in the Voronezh region it is only 350 rubles per month.

The second most popular tariff Tele2 became the plan of “My line”. It provides subscribers with 15 GB of mobile Internet, unlimited calls to Tele2 and 500 minutes to other numbers in Russia. In addition, the plan includes unlimited traffic on social networks and instant messengers. In the list of services, the traffic of which is not considered by the operator include: Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki WhatsApp, Viber and “tamtam”. Free traffic applies to mobile apps as “Sound” and Tele2 TV.

Subscription fee at the rate of “My online” in Moscow is 400 rubles per month. In other regions, tariff plan more affordable. For example, in the Samara region at the rate necessary to pay only 200 roubles a month.


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