The reason for the increase in cost of services is unknown.

Mobile operator Tele2 announced that the order of detail in the salons will be paid. From November 1, 2018, Tele2 will take 100 for the ordering of detail in their phone stores. Detail, as before, will be generated during the last calendar month.

Tele2 announced the introduction of fees for the ordering of detail in the shops on its official website. The statement stressed that from 1 November 2018 changes only the fee for the order detail in the salons. It will be 100 rubles for all subscribers-individuals. Other conditions of service “Detailing” will not change.

What has caused this change in the official Tele2 operator is not specified. It is also unknown whether in the future Tele2 to introduce a fee for getting details in the personal Cabinet. At the moment the creation of detail online is free.

Previously Tele2 has launched a unique servicethat allows subscribers to send traffic to each other.

Source: Tele2.


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