A resident of Simferopol decided to test the update Telegram — it is now possible to create GEODATA. However, the man failed. The application has forbidden him to carry out such action.

He was not able to create a group, specifying its location. As evidence, he threw the Telegram in the screenshots. The report said that the chat can only be created within the country, which includes the phone number that is Russia.

Photo source: Telegram

Earlier it became known that Telegram messenger has developed a new function. So, for users of iOS, Android and desktop platforms became available geocat. People that are close to each other, can exchange messages.

Another principle of creating chat was the similarity of interests. The authors stressed the idea that to start a conversation will of any person. He needs to come up with a theme GEODATA, show your location and allowable radius of the location for potential companions. It needs to be from 100 meters to six kilometers.

Earlier problems with the mark of the Crimea arose from Apple. In their applications “Maps” and “Weather,” she noted Yalta Ukrainian town, other settlements and does not detectable. In this case, the map of the Crimea was designated the Russian. Later these bugs have been fixed.

Crimea became part of Russia in 2014. In the referendum the majority of inhabitants of the Republic voted for reunification with Russia.

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