Telegram presented an integrated authorization system, Passport, with high level of safety and convenience. The new product will allow users of messenger to take a quick authorization services, the registration of which requires entering personal data.

To be able to login to services with a provisional registration and need to confirm identity with Telegram Passport, you must first make a scan of your passport or other documents to verify your identity.

Telegram — a security

Unlike traditional methods, when the scan of the passport is added to the services directly (this may require, for example, when registering on the exchanges, including cryptocurrency, and campaigns. ICO), Telegram Passport encrypts your data at the Protocol end-to-end, preventing them from interception by third parties.

How to log in via Telegram

At the moment, support Telegram Passport has only the website There on the registration page is already available, the key “Registration via Telegram”, which allows you to start the authorization process. All that is required of you is to make your documents and confirm intention to register.


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