The team is preparing the update of Telegram messenger for Android and iOS, which will be updated within the application without using the online app stores Google Play and App Store. This was reported by channel Telegram Info, reinforcing my statement with a screenshot.

Thus, even if Roskomnadzor will be able to get Apple and Google to remove applications from the local stores, then do not worry for the users not going to happen. They will still be able to receive updates.

We will remind, lock, Telegram in Russia, commenced on 16 April 2018 on the basis of a court decision handed down on April 13. Then Roskomnadzor didn’t just start mass block IP addresses, but also demanded Apple and Google remove Telegram from a branded app stores App Store and Google Play.

In an attempt to limit Telegram, Roskomnadzor began to “beat the squares” at the peak of the number of blocked IP addresses reached about 18 million.

Among the “came under attack” EN masse attended the network address Google and Amazon. The interruptions complained users messenger Viber, music service Spotify, social network of Classmates, various online games, delivery services and taxis, as well as many others not implicated in Telegram services.

Gradually Roskomnadzor began to exclude certain subnets from the lock, including Google and Amazon. According to the site, which keeps track of the number of actual IP addresses from the discharge of Roskomnadzor, at the time of writing the news the number of blocked IP addresses has dropped to approximately 3.7 million


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