The developers of Telegram have begun testing the service Passport for storing user data, learned to “Vedomosti”. Thanks to him, the messenger will be able to identify a specific user. It is necessary for the forthcoming blockchain-platform messenger TON.

The name of the Passport Telegram speaks for itself. The service will collect users ‘ personal information for their identification in the payment system, TON, under which will be created cryptocurrency Gram. Thus the leadership of the messenger plans to avoid the creation of the shadow economy.

To confirm your identity, the user will have to download the required documents by analogy with the portal “public Services”. After this the user will open all the advantages of blockchain-TON platform, as well as the opportunity to be identified for different sites and services.

According to sources of “Vedomosti” close to the leadership of the messenger Telegram the launch of Passport will be held closer to summer, about six months before the release of the platform TON. This time should be enough to break the authentication service, and to prepare it for use in transactions.

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