TASS, August 3. The administration of U.S. President Donald trump has warned Britain that the United States can withdraw from the agreement on free trade between the two countries, if London imposed a tax on the biggest companies offering digital services. On Friday evening, said the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, citing sources.

According to her, a warning was transmitted to the British government “at several levels”. In addition, the U.S. Congress, without the approval of which is the conclusion of any trade agreement impossible, can block the start of formal negotiations on this issue.

“[Transferred] the message was that if you impose this tax, we will not start negotiations with you on free trade,” said a source.

The introduction of the digital tax in the amount of two percent in the UK was proposed by the former Finance Minister Philip Hammond, the newspaper specifies. A new tax must be furnished at the legislative level in the fall of 2019 to come into force in April 2020. It is expected that by 2022 he will bring to the UK budget of over £400 million (about $486 million). The new Finance Minister Sajid Javid has not yet declared its position on this issue.

On July 27, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President, Donald trump has agreed to begin negotiations on a free trade agreement between the two countries immediately after the implementation of Brexit.

The initiators of the introduction of an additional tax against Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and other digital corporations believe that their taxation should be based on which countries these corporations are the main profit not from where geographically located their head offices. The most active supporters of the introduction of the digital tax are France and the UK.

July 11, the French Senate definitively adopted the bill about the taxation of the largest companies that offer digital services. Soon trump said that allows the introduction of customs duties in respect of goods from France, including wine, in connection with the adoption in the Republic of digital tax.

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