Experts of the Norwegian company Telenor has named seven major technology trends of the coming year. Among them misinformation, ethics for robots and voice control everything.

1. Deepfake (advanced fraud)

In 2019 will increase the amount of content based on deepfake — the result of combining machine learning and fake news. In this embodiment, by using artificial intelligence forgery would be extremely difficult to distinguish from reality. To encourage this type of content will be the elections in India and preparing for the electoral process in the United States.

2. The ethical question for AI
Public authorities and private companies in different countries in 2019 begin to establish the framework for the management of artificial intelligence to adopt codes of his behavior in order to introduce into the sphere of ethical standards.

3. 5G
In 2019 the world will begin to emerge islets 5G test area of communication technologies of the fifth generation. According to experts, in 2019, users will understand what digitization really is. As an example, Telenor leads Kongsberg, which was the first pilot of 5G.

4. IoT
Further progress will be made in the field of “Internet of things”. However, to change the implementation of prototypes and concepts will come large-scale commercial development of such ecosystems.

5. The chatbot in every home
Robots that can be controlled by voice, in the coming year will be widespread in the first place, in all sorts of home devices.

6. Conscious user

Attentive users to how much time they spend behind the screens and how it affects them, will increase. Will be distributed a special application that will allow you to control usage time of devices.

7. “Green” technologies

Mobile technology will allow people to live and consume more consciously than before. According to estimates Telenor, users are very sensitive to “green” technologies, and often do require their implementation, according to RBC.

Earlier wrote that a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple is preparing an updated version of AirPods wireless headphones. They will go on sale in the first quarter of 2019, and come out with a case that supports wireless charging.

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