Tesla is suing his former employee, Cao Guanci, which was downloaded by 300 000 source code files of the technology Tesla Autopilot and left the company.

According to the publication The Verge, the lawsuit was filed in March of this year. The employee admitted that he downloaded these data at the end of 2018, when he worked in Tesla. But says he passed them to anyone.

The company Elon musk claims that Cao stole important documents last year, has removed about 120,000 files in December, removed evidence of the crime and left the company in January 2019.

In addition, Tesla accuses former employee in the transmission of information to the Chinese automaker Xiaopeng Motors, where he now works Cao. The company, in turn, claim that they did not use the data provided comes from the “Tesla”.

Now Tesla has appealed for information to Apple, because one of the former employees of the Corporation was also accused of stealing data and sending them Xiaopeng Motors. Tesla expects to receive information concerning the employee, including his email correspondence.

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