Despite attempts by former employees to sell data to competitors, Apple continues to test self-driving cars. It is reported macReports.

Apple representatives were sent to the Department of motor vehicles California notification that expand the program of testing of Autonomous cars. Now on the roads of the state can meet more than 65 machines equipped with lidars and other devices for the analysis of the environment. This Apple is called “project Titan”. Gradually the number of involved vehicles will increase.

Unlike the smartphone market, Apple is not a leader in the field of creation of Autonomous vehicles. For comparison, the program Cruise General Motors involved 117 cars and drivers 333, and the Google project Waymo takes part 72 of the machine and 411 drivers.

The software Titan has 66 vehicles and 111 employees. Since Apple has still not received permission to conduct drone travel in the front seat always has to be a man, capable of correcting action system car navigation.

However, the number of self-managed fleet of Apple more than those of the leaders in the automotive industry, as Tesla or Toyota.

For testing of the Titan model was chosen Volkswagen Transport T6. If the first stage of the trials will be successful, Apple could expand the cooperation with the German giant.


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