Apple is constantly working to improve the stability and speed of iOS. The appropriate mark is in almost every update of Apple’s mobile operating system. However, many users rarely notice any gains. The iAppleBytes decided to check how successful in this regard was the recently released iOS 13.3.

Enthusiasts conducted a series of tests. In particular, they tested several mole iPhone Geekbench 4. In the end it turned out that after installing iOS 13.3 performance of smartphones are increasing.

More likely the difference is evident in the older models. So if the iPhone with iOS 12.3.1 SE in the test, Geekbench scored 1269 points, after installation on the mobile iOS 13.3 he began to show the result – 1850 points. In fairness it should be noted that there are also opposite results. In particular, the iPhone 6s with iOS 12.3.1 scored in Geekbench 2050 points, and after upgrading to iOS 13.3 the result was down by 30 points. However, it is rather the exception.

IOS 13.3 positively affected the autonomy of the devices. On average, it added several minutes under resistive load. The strongest growth is evident in the case of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.


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