Users satisfied.

IPhone users drew attention to fix the annoying bug in released 22 Jan firmware iOS 12.1.3. The update focuses exclusively on Troubleshooting, fixed the problem with the twitching curtain “notification Center”. Animation and blinds not only got rid of the slow downs, but has become more rapid.

Starting with iOS 12.1.1, many iPhone users began to show troublesome problem. If you switch to “notification Center” through swiping from the top of the screen, a window notification appeared with a noticeable twitch. Apple was in no hurry to fix the problem, despite the fact that some customers have told the company about the bug.

Fortunately, Apple still found resources to resolve problems. In iOS 12.1.3 blind “notification Center” is opened immediately. Users have reported that the speed of opening the “notification Center” is the maximum for all iOS version 12.

It is noteworthy that in the official description of the update for iOS 12.1.3, this innovation has not been specified. However, Apple is constantly making various changes in iOS, without reflection of their full list of new features for users.

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