During a meeting at the White house, U.S. President Donald trump has forgotten the name of Apple CEO Tim cook, instead calling it “Tim Appam”. However, as history shows, this is not the first time an American leader confuses names, place names and facts.

Messed up everything

The White house hosted a meeting of the Advisory Council on personnel policy, which called for Apple CEO Tim cook during the event, he told the authorities about the educational initiatives of the company.

Apple’s plans were to the taste to the President of the United States Donald Trump, who praised the Director-General.

“We will increase our workforce because we have to do it. Many new companies appear. People like Tim, constantly moving forward and doing the things that I would like to do it right from the start. I said, “Tim, you should start doing it here”, and you just did it. Do you invest a lot in our country. We really appreciate it, Tim Apple,” said trump.

Trump just called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple”— Sean O’kane (@sokane1) March 6, 2019.

The impression that the American President had forgotten exactly how name is Tim cook, or he really believes that his real name sounds like “Apple”. However, for these purposes, the table next to the head of Apple was a sign-a hint that trump ignored.

Tellingly, this is not the first time trump confuses the names of the businessmen.

In March last year, the US President called the CEO of the military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin “Marilyn Lockheed”, although actually her name is Marilyn Hewson.

“Led by Lockheed”— Dave Brown (@dave_brown24) 22 Mar 2018

However, the American President, there are difficulties not only with names. Speaking to leaders of African countries at the UN General Assembly in 2017, trump mentioned the country “Nambia”. He reportedly couldn keep in mind the Gambia or Namibia, but the country called Namibia in reality does not exist.

“In Guinea and Nigeria you fought with terrifying Ebola outbreak. Health system Nambii becoming more self-sufficient,” said trump, commenting on the health situation in African countries.

In social networks derided the mistake of an American President. One of the users mentioned that Namibia is “right next to Zamunda”.

“If America will have to defend itself or its allies, we have no other option but to completely destroy Nambia,” wrote another user, parodying trump’s words about the DPRK.

In addition, Donald trump once said that Washington was sold to Norway’s fighter jets, which exist only in the computer game Call of Duty.

“In November, we began delivery of the first F-52 and F-35. A total of 52 [things],” boasted trump.

The American President, apparently confused by the numbers: he combined the name of an existing fighter and the number 52 is the total number of fighters, delivered to Norway.

This mysterious covfefe

In 2017, Donald trump has baffled his followers on Twitter by posting a message with a non-existent word “covfefe”. The tweet read as follows: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” (“in Spite of the constant negative covfefe in the press…”). Millions of readers trump remained in perplexity, not knowing what he wanted to tell the President and what is covfefe.

Doubting people massively checked out the mysterious word in the dictionary, but it is not found there. Then Twitter flooded with jokes that people substitute covfefe in different situations and collectively trying to figure out what it means.

User @mskristinawong suggested that covfefe translates from Russian as “I resign”. @AlolanMeowth beat the pronunciation of a word in the comic dialog: “— You coffee or tea? — Me, please, covfefe”.

One of the most popular versions, which gathered thousands of retweets, is that trump tried to end a tweet, when someone attacked him and snatched the phone from his hands.

Several hours later, Donald trump has deleted a controversial tweet, which managed to collect hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets. Instead, in Twitter there is a new publication from trump, who has offered its subscribers to independently figure out the meaning of the word “covfefe”.

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