Apple has released an update for iPhone owners. However, the new version of the iOS operating system was deprived of when users from different countries. What was the reaction of the Network on the fatal update at “360”.

Who is threatened by failure?

The problem was the iOS version is 12.1.2, released by Apple on December 20. The main objective of the update was to optimize the iPhone. But there are some external innovations. So, the new version of iOS changed the animation of closing apps in the multitasking menu. As you can see from the video below, the thumbnail of the app no longer crashes the top when the swipe gesture, but simply disappears from the display.

New build became available for download in December 17, but was perezalit due to failures of communication in Turkey, the owners of iPhone XR, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. The bug was quickly fixed, but the update caused even more problems.

At the moment iOS 12.1.2 is available only for iPhone, so iPad owners no crashing is not threatened.

“What the hell, Apple?”

As it turned out, the update invalidates the mobile device’s gadget will no longer see the network. A few days after the announcement of the release of the new iOS in a Network there were hundreds of angry messages to the user. Often issues are reported to residents of the United States, Japan and Germany.

“My phone is now not connecting to cellular network after you upgrade to 12.1.2,” writes @cPlayIt.

“Thank you Apple for a Christmas present, after upgrading my iPhone to iOS 12.1.2 I can’t access cellular data. I rebooted my device, but now can not activate it. I would recommend this app!” called the company @realalex_6.

“What the hell, Apple? Has anyone else lost the ability to use your phone on purpose after upgrading to iOS 12.1.2? I can’t even now to call!” — outraged @bpmericle.

In the comments to his post, the users noted that they are able receive calls only via Bluetooth. In his tweet, responded and tech support Apple. A company representative asked him to send the whole history of failure in a personal message, noting that the company is interested in the speedy solution of the problem.

For some users the problem is only with Internet access, with voice calls take place without any difficulties.

“iOS 12.1.2 when the WiFi connection is so very slow on my iPhone XS. HomePod constantly interrupts the music,” complained @varunkrish.

“I use the iPhone X and iPhone 7 Plus. I updated to the latest version of iOS and now I have serious problems with connecting to mobile Internet. Apple will solve this problem immediately. I’ve already done a system reset of phone, but problem not gone,” — said @updesh75.

Against the background of mass hysteria “Apple”, some Android owners did not hide their Schadenfreude.

“I may not have spent $ 1500 on your gadget, but at least my phone works when I change it,” said @KissTheHabit.

Apple has not yet indicated timing of when the problem will be fixed. In support of the Corporation noted that some crashes may not be caused by the new firmware, and the problems in the phone. IPhone owners advised to carefully study the user memo on the Apple website.

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