In 2019, the line marks the Galaxy 10, and Samsung was up to with a fanfare to mark the occasion. Preparation for this began long before the main presentation, because Samsung themselves told all that will be at the event, details describing future products, trying to keep secret only the design and cost. “” a few days before the presentation got a Galaxy S10+ and talks about what Samsung has shown in San Francisco.


The main event was the presentation of a bendable Galaxy Fold. In its idea this is the same that Samsung showed at SDC 2018 at the end of last year. Smartphone two screens: the main one has a diagonal of 4.6 inches (1960х840 points) and a huge frame around the perimeter, but in expanded form becomes available with a 7.3-inch frameless screen (2152х1536). Of the features separately allocate the ability to simultaneously run three applications on a single screen in tablet mode. Otherwise, it is a fashion device which is suitable from 1980 dollars and will be sold from April 26. Then it is shown closer to the people S10.

As usual, the new Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ were all known for several months before the announcement, starting from the appearance of a hole in the screen and ending with all sorts of things like Wi-Fi support 6. Many of these “leaks” provided by the company presenting the design of the new shell One UI with schematic images of the device, laying out all the characteristics of the new processor and presenting the A8s, which became almost an exact copy of the S10e. Even commercials, as usual, posted the day before the announcement. Nicely, all this could be saved to the presentation, but Samsung went ahead and decided to reveal the whole affair to yourself, taking the bread from insiders and analysts.

The result was what everyone was waiting for: three models of smartphones with a hole in the screen under the front camera, which on the idea is the same as the current line of Apple. Samsung showed two flagship — S10 and S10+ and a cheaper version with a color case — S10e. The latter also has a more thick frame, has a flat (no bends at the edges) screen with a diagonal of 5.8 inches and a resolution of Full HD, dual primary camera (instead of triple), less RAM, a fingerprint scanner in the button unlock and a few other minor odesilani. The only thing that unites him with the older S10 and S10+ — processor Exynos 9820 similar design with a cutout in the screen under the front camera.

The remaining two models are more similar to last year’s S9 and Note9: they have almost the same design with a curved on the edges of the elongated screen, saved headphone Jack and even why-that left the heart rate monitor next to the flash. Among the major changes we can distinguish the failure from the infrared scanner of the iris and the transfer of the fingerprint scanner under the screen.


Along with the usual versions of S10, Samsung has released a special modification of S10+ with a ceramic back cover, one terabyte drive and 12 gigabytes of RAM. Have a regular S10 only 8 GB of RAM, which, under present conditions is enough to work. However, these models were given to journalists to test, so all the lineup has to be judged only by the most powerful smartphone.

Externally indistinguishable from from phone companies S10 hard: this is the same black bar with a glossy frame and glass back. The only thing that catches the eye is the new location of the front camera and lack of a pile of sensors and sensors on the top panel.

Problem solving with the removal of the camera in the corner of the screen, only that the developers had to increase the width of the status bar, otherwise the content stopped would be for the camera. Along with this part of the icons shifted to the left, which became asymmetric. From this emerge and other minor interface problems, like moved down to the left relative to the Central axis of the volume slider. What in this case is not satisfied with the version from Google, when the volume indicator POPs up next to the buttons is not entirely clear.

But otherwise, this move seems good, albeit on the rendering and the photos the phone looks weird. First, Samsung even more reduced the upper frame, although in the past she is not very an eyesore. Secondly, watch videos, and swipe through images on the S10 is much more comfortable than on phones with “monopoly” and other cutouts. In the end, quite quickly get used to the hole in the screen.

On the left side left the call button Bixby, which now looks not so useless as before. The fact that Samsung has given up attempts to promote him as the murderer of Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants making Bixby semblance of Google Now. Now this button opens a screen with personalized suggestions and relevant information from applications. Even got rid of the fingerprint scanner on the rear cover by pushing it under the screen. In the company assure that have put the fingerprint scanner, although the speed of its operation does not differ from the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

By and large, everything is already do not care what hardware is in their smartphone. Almost any phone now can easily work with everyday programs. And all then — wars megahertz and parrots, which should have been forgotten. You could tell that the Exynos 9820 is made for 8-nanometer process technology, Snapdragon 855 (Samsung produces phones based on this chip in the USA and China) — 7-nanometer, which the second option can be more powerful and more energy-efficient first (and may not be able to find out only after receipt of both models on sale). But who cares, the more that reality is usually not correlated with the manufacturer and numbers in the benchmarks. For special interests you can even transfer the results of synthetic tests: GeekBench have S10+ with 12 GB 4541 score in single-core test and 10139 — multi-core (iPhone Xs Max — 4824 and 11504, Huawei Mate — 20 Pro 3337 and 9904 points, respectively, and in AnTuTu the Samsung — 330558 points (iPhone — 350412, and Huawei — 261516 points).

It is important to remember that the phones with Exynos higher the likelihood of unexpected problems, as has happened before. For example, in S9 in Samsung incorrectly set up the processor, causing the phone drastically decreased the battery life. In order to eliminate possible bugs in S10 put more fatty battery: 3400 milliampere-hours in S10 and 4100 milliampere-hours to S10+. In the end, “fresh” easily pulls two days of active work.

This may also include the ability to charge other devices that support Qi. But unlike Huawei, which thus can charge a mobile phone others, Samsung has found a more sensible application of technology — charge your accessories with wireless charging. Given the release of a new headphone and hours with Qi this seems like a reasonable attempt to do all of this single ecosystem.

Well, you cannot ignore the new launcher One UI. During its first announcement in Samsung promised that adapt the interface under the control of one hand, which, of course, did not happen. But the company was able to “comb” the interface and make it more similar to the standard Material Design from Google, drew a huge number of new nice animations and overall the firmware, which is a pleasure to use. Although the elements of the “Gypsy” design in the spirit of Huawei remained: for example, when you activate the fingerprint scanner on the screen there is a horrible animation that simulates water ripples.

Wide broad

Pro camera also will not work for a long time to tell, because something big had happened. Samsung has added a module with a wide angle of 123 degrees and a resolution of 16 megapixels. In addition, saved the module, with a variable aperture, but some of the advantages of this feature does not. Remember about it only when you flip the petals of the shutter when you switch shooting modes. Well, the third sensor with the double zoom is also in place, although S10e.

All changes in the post-processing algorithms may be summarized as follows: S10 shoots just like the iPhone. Even its counterpart Smart HDR did. Instead of acid colors the picture is now yellow, and sometimes stronger, than the Apple. This applies to both day and night shooting because by putting a number of pictures with iPhone and Samsung, they are almost impossible to distinguish. When shooting at a wide-angle camera problems exactly the same as on other devices: in the corners of the frame are greatly lubricated and you receive the vignette.

Galaxy S10 and S10e have one front camera, while S10+ two of them, one of which has a wide viewing angle. The quality of the pictures all at the level of the S9 with similar problems with over-saturation of images. Also based on front camera system is facial recognition, but nothing close to the Face ID and the like there, so relying on it is not worth it.


Galaxy S10 is not the breakthrough should be expected in honor of the 10th anniversary line. But apparently, nothing was planned because the main announcement of the event was Galaxy foldable Fold. Yes, it is the next flagship of Samsung, the new features which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. But the company continues to do something unique and more thoughtful approaches to the development of its own shell. Well, for the release of the “affordable” flagship can not praise, because I used simplified version of the top Samsung phones looked ashamed.

Decisive in any case remains a question of price. Someone in the company seriously decided that buyers are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a Samsung smartphone? Yes, the phone practically has no complaints: it works very fast, has a nice interface, and even has a few unique features not found in other devices. But buying him for that kind of money will be solved only fans of the brand, which is not much, fans of the iPhone. Moreover, all know that Samsung smartphones are getting cheaper with unreal speed: the same Note9, which is less than six months ago cost 70 thousand, now sell for 45.

At least Samsung tried to crush the number, because the presentation showed five smart phones and a ton of accessories: Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and S10 5G. About the last was not a word in this material, because it is almost an exact copy of S10+ in the 12 gigabytes of RAM. Difference three: the fourth main camera, a screen with a diagonal of 6.7 inches, and support 5G. Prices are the following: Fold starts from two thousand dollars and will not be sold in Russia, S10e — 57 thousand rubles, S10 — from 69 thousand, S10+, from 78 thousand and for the special edition asks 125 thousand. Sell S10e, S10 and S10+ will start on March 8.

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