Moscow, September 9 “News. The economy” Tomorrow, September 10, will host the annual presentation of Apple. As expected, there the company will present three new models of iPhone. According to rumors, the smartphone will get a new camera, the wireless charging accessories and a more powerful processor. In addition, Apple may slightly upgrade the Apple watch

At its annual presentation on 10 September Apple like a year ago, will show three new iPhone: the basic model version with a larger display and the unit is cheaper (in 2018 it was called iPhone XR). also expected are two updated versions of the iPad and the biggest MacBook Pro for the last seven years.

iPhone Pro
It is unknown what will be called the models of new smartphones, but it is assumed that their line will be named iPhone Pro and will be the successor of the previous iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. The new smartphones will not be much different from previous models in size and appearance of the screen.

According to sources, it will be a new camera on the back with a sensor for capturing ultra-wide photos and videos. The camera will be able to do three pictures at a time and use artificial intelligence to automatically correct the resulting picture.

The camera system will take pictures with a higher resolution, and the device will be positioned as a replacement for some traditional cameras for photos and video. Apple added to OS software feature that allows you to immediately edit videos, adjust color and add effects.

The new device will not feature 3D Touch, technologically demanding-sensitive screen. Instead, it will be a new version of the technology haptic feedback Taptic Engine (already used in the iPhone XR). IOS will feature Haptic Touch, which will replace the 3D Touch on a more long press for all devices.

All new iPhone will be Apple A13. It will be a “matrix” co-processor for complex mathematical calculations. It is designed to be fast computer vision technologies and augmented reality.

The new iPhone will change the system of wireless charging: it will allow to charge the smartphone and headphones AirPods. Also the smartphones will be better protected from drops and water, said the sources.

The new iPhone the company traditionally presents on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of September as part of the iPhone Special Event. This year’s event should be on 10 or 11 September. Apple the date of the presentation has not yet been named.

Bloomberg notes that the new model will not support the mobile communication of the fifth generation (5G).

iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod

The iPad Pro before the end of the year will also receive an updated processor and camera. Otherwise, they will be the same as the current model, says Bloomberg. The basic version of iPad will be equipped with a screen of 10.2 inches and a 9.7-inch screen, which Apple used almost 10 years, the company finally refuses, writes Bloomberg.

Update Apple Watch is expected to be minimal: the company will introduce new housing and upgrades to watchOS 6.

New AirPods will rise, and will be released in 2020. Among the new features is water resistance and noise reduction. Also in 2020 will be a cheaper version of the HomePod with two tweeters instead of seven.

MacBook Pro
The new MacBook Pro will be the largest in the line of Apple laptops since 2012, when it was withdrawn from sale MacBook Pro 17. The new device is aimed at an audience of professional users, according to sources Bloomberg.

The laptop will get a screen with a diagonal of at least 16 inches, but because of the thin frame, the dimensions of the device will be close to the 15-inch models.

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