International day of birds.

The purpose of this holiday is the preservation of species diversity and abundance of wild birds.

This day originated as a children’s festival that was first held in 1894 in the American city of oil city. Very soon it was celebrated throughout the United States. In the early XX century the idea of holding a Day of birds penetrated into Russia. In the years of revolution and Civil war on the occasion forgotten. It was revived in 1924 on the initiative of the Moscow naturalists Central biological station.

April fool’s day.

This day is not included in any calendars of holiday dates, can rightly be attributed to the international, since the custom to joke and trick each other on 1 April exists in many countries.

There are many versions of the origins of April fool’s Day. On one of them, this holiday originated in ancient India, where it is April 1 celebrated as the day of the vernal equinox and on the occasion of the arrival of the spring the new year staged celebrations with jokes and funny antics. And in Iceland it is believed that the custom cheat 1 APR was imposed by the gods in memory of Skudai, daughter of Tessa.

24 years ago (1995) began broadcasting “Public Russian television” (ORT).

The company became the successor state broadcasting company “Ostankino”, which was the main broadcaster in the Soviet Union. In 2002, the company was renamed “First channel”.

Currently, programs of the TV company have the opportunity to watch the 98.8% of population of the Russian Federation, and the audience of more than 200 countries.

26 years ago (1993) Russian President Boris Yeltsin has signed the Law of the RF No. 4730-I “About State border of the Russian Federation”.

The document defined the principles of establishing and changing of the state border. The law also defined the powers of state authorities and border troops, air defense troops, the Navy, other troops and military formations of the Russian Federation.

43 years ago (1976) he founded the company Apple Computer.

It was created by Steve jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. First computer — Apple I — they gathered in the garage of the family jobs.

Today Apple is one of the largest corporations engaged in the manufacture of hardware and software. The company’s market capitalization exceed one trillion dollars.

80 years ago (1939) ended the Civil war in Spain.

The armed conflict between left-socialist government, which was supported by the Communists and the right-monarchist forces, whose side took a large part of the Spanish army led by Francisco Franco, began on 17 July 1936. The government of Spain, supported by the Soviet Union and anti-fascist volunteers from many countries, and the Franco — Nazi Germany and Italy.

The revolt began in Spanish Morocco and the Canary Islands, almost immediately, the rebels seized power in the other Spanish colonies. For a short time under the control of rebels moved more than half of the provinces of Spain. In March 1939 Franco managed to win the Madrid.

1 APR 1939, Francisco Franco made a radio address in which he announced the end of the war. Spain has installed the dictatorship of Franco.

According to various estimates, during the Civil war killed 500 thousand people. The country left more than 600 thousand Spaniards. More than 30 thousand “children of war” was exported to different countries, including about 3 thousand found refuge in the Soviet Union.

130 years ago (1889) in the first dishwasher.

It was invented by the American Josephine Cochrane, granddaughter of the inventor of the steamboat John Fitch was the daughter of the engineer John Garisa, who was famous for developing a hydraulic pump. According to legend, she was very upset that items from the family China set I in the washing process, and Josephine said: “If no one is going to invent a dishwashing machine, I’ll handle this myself!”. She has built in the shed in the backyard makeshift workshop, and by the end of 1885, has developed a device for mechanical dishwashing.

1 APR 1889 in Chicago dishwashers on sale. Despite the high at the time cost $ 150, the device was a hit with customers, mostly owners of hotels and restaurants.

241 years ago (1778) was invented by a dollar sign — $.

There are many versions of the origin of this sign, but according to the most common of them, the first this sign in their books began to use the weapons merchant Oliver Pollock.

At that time in the United States as a means of payment actively used Spanish piastres, which in the business securities designated as the letters PS. It is believed that, raising revenue amounts in Ledger, Pollock wrote P over S. And, later, to save time, began to use the mark, which looked like an S crossed by two vertical lines.

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