The Apple employee even had to clarify the situation.

The story of one ordinary user of the iPhone stirred up the Internet. The U.S. Brian Campbell has published in his blog on Twitter a video in which employees of Apple technical support to remotely connect to his iPhone and fix the problem. Video caused a lot of discussions, as not all iPhone users knew about the existence of Apple like features.

Campbell appealed to Apple support in order to solve the problem on the iPhone to my daughter. During the telephone call, support is offered to the user the most a quick way to solve the problem, which provides a remote connection to the iPhone. The user agreed and after a few seconds of support staff have already received access to his smartphone.

This possibility of technical support Apple has intrigued many iPhone users and the Internet began a massive discussion. One of the most active conversations interfered with the employee of Apple. A company representative said that such option the company has existed long enough and users do not need to worry that the company may “spy” for users.

Well this is interesting. Apple can remotely interact with the iPhone. (trouble shooting is my daughters phone)

— Bʀʏᴀɴ (@bry_campbell) December 9, 2018

First, in order to support staff got access to the iPhone user needs to consent in a special window. Second, while Apple employee ever does anything on the iPhone, on a smartphone a message is displayed indicating that the device can be seen by a specialist. Well and, thirdly, this option is not available to all users, but only those who have subscribed to the service AppleCare, providing superior technical support and extended warranty.

Source: Twitter.


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