A bill requiring manufacturers to preinstall on gadgets Russian applications has already passed two of the most important readings in the state Duma. A third, more technical, scheduled for November 21, so the bill will, barring force majeure. People call it “the rule against Apple” because it is this company likely to be forced to leave the market of our country. “Sobakawa” understand why the amendment has decided to take, are they really that harmful and how will it affect the business.
What happened?

In article No. 4 of the law “On protection of consumer rights” want to make an amendment, which would oblige the manufacturers of smartphones and other gadgets to preset the Russian application. For violation a fine up to 200 thousand rubles, it is planned that the bill will come into force on 1 July 2020.

What apps will need to install the manufacturers?

The list of applications to be installed to manufacturers, will be determined by the government. The Federal Antimonopoly service proposed to introduce a browsers, antivirus, messengers and navigators. The Ministry of communications stated that we should confine ourselves to browsers and search engines.

One of the authors of the bill said: “we are Talking about the most essential programs for our country. It can be search engines, maps, social applications, such as, for example, “public Services”. In addition, it can be online cinema”.

Will you bill?

Most likely, Yes. It does not approve of the Ministry, but officials told us that it is lobbying the presidential administration, so that the position of a separate Ministry role here does not play. On the first vote were made by 363 MPs, and one against, the second was 341 deputies, against — one.
Why do we need this bill?

The head of the Association of companies of Internet trade Artem Sokolov said he did not understand this: “We sent a letter about this bill, urging them to hold public hearings, but they never happened. Can’t say that we had some edits to the text of the bill — we generally do not understand why you need it: it regulates the sector, which, in our opinion, regulation is not needed. It is unclear why the law oblige you to preset apps I don’t need a law to put the “Yandex. Navigator” and download the “Sberbank Online”. People do download the domestic application, not because the law makes them, but because it’s user-friendly services”.

In the explanatory note to the law States: “computer Programs, including mobile applications and programs to TV with “smart TV”, focused mainly on Russian users are more attractive for Russian consumers, improve the usability of the devices on which they are installed can affect the quality of use of such devices, increase the value of goods for the consumer. In addition, the bill will protect the interests of Russian Internet companies that will reduce abuse by large foreign companies working in the field of information technology.”

The BBC writes that one of the possible reasons of the interest of legislators towards Apple products — the gradual introduction of technology ESIM, which allows smartphones work without SIM cards, which reduces the capacity for state control of users in the framework of the “Spring package”.
Why it is called “the rule against Apple”?

During the discussion of the draft law, the experts noted that the main goal of the company Apple, which is trying by law to oblige to install in iPhone and iPad apps Russian. But iOS doesn’t imply Preinstallation of third-party applications, it is not done in any of the countries. The company responded that the bill would force her “to reconsider its business model in Russia.” Given the fact that Russia is not the largest market for Apple, its withdrawal from the country is quite likely.

“The requirement to add in the Apple ecosystem a third-party app is equivalent to jailbreaking (not officially supported hacking the file system) and carries security risks, and such risks, the company can not go”, — said the interlocutor of “Kommersant” familiar with the position Apple in April 2019.

As to the bill covered by the business?

The bill was not discussed neither with business nor with experts, and the authors are not aware of the consequences of its adoption, the representative of the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of consumer electronic and computer equipment Anton Guskov. He is confident that the amendments will hurt both producers and software developers, including Russian ones, as the mobile application market — competitive environment that is governed by consumer demand and actual supply of new applications. However, many Russian applications in the domestic market lead. With the advent of the list of mandatory applications the sense of competition is lost, I am sure Andrei: instead of improving the product, the developers will strive to get the list of the government, and if the application gets into it, they have no incentive to develop it.

Some experts believe that the bill will lead to the appreciation of even those smartphone manufacturers that will agree to the new terms.

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