“The American dream is alive, but she is exhausted. Large employers invest in their employees and community,” — said the head of JPMorgan Chase James Dimon. Along with JPMorgan head of 180 major U.S. companies, including Apple and Amazon, recently officially updated their corporate goals. They are encouraged to invest in employees, not only work in the interests of shareholders as it was before.

As the channel “the Economics of the digital era”, the statement that in every sense of the unprecedented. Because American corporations for the first time publicly announced that they would begin to act counter to the traditional American principle that points directly to the fact that the main purpose of business is to bring maximum profit to their shareholders.

“It would seem, what in it bad? Profit is profit, but you need the social programs to remember. However, if you look at it from a different angle, it was the American corporations has never been characteristic of treating the people. There is a feeling that such sly statements of the Corporation trying to hide its real purpose in relation to big data (“new oil”) — and in the future, literally, to usurp the function of the state, concerned citizens, as members of their ecosystems (do not confuse this with the classic social security).

If we look wider, the classic success story, the so-called “American dream” — make a lot of money to become a shareholder of a large company or just a rentier and live on dividends/interest is actually rooted in the past. Young people around the world becoming more and more difficult to save enough money to in old age to feel safe. And more and more people begin to understand that they can rely only on themselves. Many will have to work until old age to feed themselves, and in conditions of permanent economic crisis and the reduction in the number of jobs, even this term seems very vague,” predict the authors of the channel.

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