Any liberal will tell you that the election of President in 2016, Donald trump is a symptom of the systemic problems of America. And if you’re nationalist populist, though a neutral third-party observer will come to the same conclusion. Is among the professional politicians of the United States there was no person who would be able to recognize the discontent of ordinary Americans on what is happening in their country? Why are the hard workers of the Middle West, religious conservatives of the South and center, the farmers, the middling businessmen and Housewives from the provinces were represented at the election of the billionaire developer from new York, the hero of the reality show and so a family man?

Can you relate to Trump. But the speech now not about it. How is it that the conservatives believed it absolutely not conservative-looking person, and voters, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan who voted in 2008 for Obama, in 2016, gave voice to Donald? Is the whole host of strategists, consultants and analysts not see that the political course or, at worst, the rhetoric is time to change?

The list went-not ends. In 2015-17. itself destroyed the American free press. Not that she was completely free and impartial, but given her in the XX century standard of professional ethics and responsibility to the people has inspired journalists around the world. Western — primarily American — media was one of the main competitive advantages of the Euro-Atlantic bloc in the cold war with the Soviet Union.

But as soon as the Washington establishment is seriously afraid of the will of citizens of the United States, the headquarters of the media were ordered to defend completely at the fault of the elite. The most amazing thing is that most of the media saluted. No resistance to administrative resources, no high-profile public-exposure — say, I was crushed, but I, as an honest member of the press… or Anything like that. Liberal TV channels and menestrina press has become a mouthpiece of propaganda, which would have envied Soviet television and the press.

Ahead of the traditional media ran, flashing heels, the giants of the Internet industry. “Absolutely free” the world wide web and “speaking the inconvenient truth” social networking has become another Bastion of the Washington powers. Bastion, who blew himself up. Later in the “attack on American democracy,” accused Russian trolls. And in 2016, Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon and others like them are actively involved in the work on the “inevitable winner” Hillary Clinton.

At some point in the media get-together came the call to throw to hell “obsolete neutrality” and finally to take a political position. Because the neutrality of the media (including Internet sites) is “immoral” in the face of “looming over the nation and world threat.” Within the party is screwed. But not in the country. Press, TV channels and service providers social networking just a couple of years burned to the ground confidence.

Further — more. Federal law enforcement agencies, which was justly proud of America for at least five decades, also decided to “take a position”. No, not field agents of the FBI and Federal prosecutors working throughout the country. And the Washington leadership — the Central office of the Bureau and senior officials of the Ministry of justice. They decided that to serve the people so long and so diligently that I have the right to decide for him. Well, that is to protect him from himself. They got from criminal prosecution “the right candidate” and struck with all his might on the candidate “wrong”.

“Morally motivated” operatives was invented “Russkoe Delo” and provoked by the appointment of spectracolor Robert Mueller. “By chance” almost all participants “moral conspiracy” was associated with Mueller or worked with him or their relatives were somehow connected with fellow spectacular…

Anyway, the independent special Prosecutor waved his sword of justice and even caught the Donald trump. Moreover, the vast majority identified during the investigation of crimes (which is basically lying to a Federal agent) was made due to the investigation. If the former Advisor to the President for homeland security Michael Flynn would not have a special method to ask about quite legitimate contacts with Russian diplomats, he would not have fallen under the steamroller of justice because of perjury, which at that time was perceived exclusively as an interagency Flynn game. And the young employee of the headquarters of the trump George Papadopoulos would not have a criminal record, if he slipped to misinformation, which then asked very carefully in the box room of the Hoover building.

But Flynn is on the loose. However, as Papadopoulos. The latter, however, “did” 14 days (!) in prison, but both — as well as many others involved in “Russian Affairs” — got off lightly. Yes, spending on lawyers fairly emptied their accounts. For a warm place in some think tank they will be able to get only three years later. But it’s still not “landing”, not the end of life and not the full personal (family, professional, etc.) disaster.

But with Paul Manafort, a man who worked at the trump only a couple of months were very tough. According to the results of the two trials he will have to serve seven and a half years. Manafort seventy. He was invigorated, while I was “in the cage”. But the prosecution has destroyed him emotionally and damaged his health. Raging gout seated once polished gentleman, well received in all the corridors of Washington, in a wheelchair. He lost money, and virtually all property.

At his age and condition seven-and-a-half years — almost a sentence. But prosecutors demanded the maximum punishment, which could amount to 34 years behind bars. It’d definitely be a life sentence for the Floor. Judges in both cases was done according to the rules and according to conscience, giving to the accused the minimum term. And it caused an uproar in liberal circles. In those that are obvious violations Hillary Clinton treated leniently — they say, well, is tried for that in Washington, respected people?

But for Manafort this may not be the end of the story. Of the Manhattan district attorney filed against it new charges. This time it’s a matter of the state (although the data for a case is obtained from the Mueller team), so the President trump will not be able to pardon the Floor, if the court of the state of new York will sentence him to an actual term. This exemplary punishment, publicly the destruction of human life and the life of his family under a chorus of hooting mainstream press.

By Paul Manafort is not Captain America, not a hero or role model. He evaded paying taxes, hiding money obtained abroad, in offshore, has misled the credit institution has repeatedly violated the law on foreign agents. Manafort lobbied the interests of large corporations, dictators of the worst countries in the world, as well as their opponents, the militants acted as a mediator in the transactions of the representatives of “liberal democracy” with people who publicly shake hands in the West, is not accepted. And, of course, lived in a big way, by overspending, mainly a very questionable way.

It’s horrible and disgusting. But live and act in the US, thousands of lobbyists, “solved” with ties around the world, political operatives, ready to get your hands dirty instead of “morally clean” politicians elected to Congress and nurturing plans for the White House. Couple of the Clintons and all their surroundings — a classic example of clan trading government influence of the United States for money and change money and questionable services to the government. For example, Clinton is a special case. But in Washington, there is a whole street (K Street), cluttered offices, lobbying firms, which, while rotating, to put it mildly, not very clean up, drive the political machine of Washington. Using “solved” like Manafort their interests can lobby and sheikhs of the Gulf, and some rebels in Nigeria, and, of course, transnational corporations.

Trump became President not because Paul was a head of his staff during the party conference by the Republicans. But because Americans got tired of it all. And Manafort fell under the wheels of Themis not because the US political elite suddenly decided to kill creatures-operatives to launder dirty money (in the case of Manafort the money was Ukrainian) and represent the “city on a hill” the interests of dubious characters. But because he was briefly hired by trump.

The establishment message is clear. However, the American elite after the press, the Internet, law enforcement, etc. — cut down another branch on which sat the past decade. Massacre Monforton gets to the heart of the political machine of Washington. To be a kind of invisible, but influential in the field, ready to solve any question for anyone, is insecure.

As well as change the leadership of the Ministry of justice and the FBI? As well as trump will remain in office and will retaliate? As well as a future President-Democrat among leftist politicians decide to punish someone who does not like and will make it through the next obedient spectacular that, not being able to catch the main goal as Mueller hit the next “resale” in the hope to beat out from it the necessary corollary evidence?

Yes, and the sentences of Manufactu can hurt so many. For example, associates the Floor in many scams, the Podesta brothers, the youngest of whom, John, was head of staff of Hillary Clinton.

Unsafe has become in Washington. Anxious. What now, to play fair?

Robert Muller himself may not realize it, but he opened Pandora’s box. We did not even imagine all the consequences of the verdict of Manufactu. But soon they will surely hear it. Without a free press and without the valiant feds “city on the hill” will somehow be resisted. But without the “solved” — no way.

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