With the release of the new Apple iPhone continue to lose the Russian market. The thing is that the prices of American gadget in Russia are unreasonably high. While technologically inferior to the smartphone competitors. About it in conversation with “360” told the owner, a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin.

For Apple Russia is the largest market in Europe for the iPhone, but historically on the Russian consumer wipe their feet and put historically maximum price. Why? Because still people are buying, there’s still a sale. Until this happens, the prices will be high — Eldar МуртазинMobile Research Group, owner.

According to him, today the cost of iPhone is too high and inadequate. Russian buyers be aware of this attitude frustrating.

“Natives and glass beads is probably accurately describes what is happening on Apple products today in our country”, — he said.

Murtazin added that over the past year the American company in Russia lost half of the market. So, in 2018, the iPhone took 15% of the market, and now is about 8% of the market. The most loyal audience, people with money, according to experts, began to turn away from Apple.

“It is a conscious choice. It’s not a question of lack of money. This is a question that serial phone can cost 1,5-2 thousand dollars.

After these prices, people began to pay attention to other smartphones, which in this case is better. It turned out that others have more features, they work better and are significantly cheaper, he said “360”.

“It turned out that the king is naked. People don’t like being deceived”, — he concluded.

Thus, according to him, many people in Russia continue to buy the iPhone on credit, because they think it’s cool that it’s a sign of consistency. However, according to the expert, to make such purchase on the contrary silly.

Last week was a presentation of new Apple products. In particular, the American Corporation introduced the iPhone 11. In Russia the price starts from 60 thousand roubles. Sales will start from September 20.

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