Apple introduced three new phones, which have become for many the measure of status. However, after comparing new phones with previous versions, experts have criticized the gadgets. Weaknesses in the new line of IPhone 11 correspondents network broadcast of the “Evening Moscow” spoke to leading analyst Mobile Researh Group Eldar Murtazin.

In this field nothing changes: if the market is sold an expensive product — you get expensive service. In the new model increased the package size, battery capacity, and Apple changes it. First went to change the battery. I think this year they missed with the IPhone, the analyst stated, adding that last year sales in Russia fell by 50 percent.

According to him, people are loyal to Apple, who have money, looking at the model and do not see the new. People are moving to Android.

The engineers at Apple have always been a problem. No company allows themselves to release a flagship with a memory capacity of 64 gigabytes without the possibility to insert an optional memory card. They severely limit a buyer and forces you to buy expensive accessories that are not necessary.

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