Initially, the Ming-Chi Kuo was confident that the probation budget iPhone that Apple will unveil this fall, will be very popular. Now, however, the analyst has adjusted its original forecasts.

The expert has significantly lowered expectations iFixit Xr for next year. Initially, the Ming-Chi Kuo believed that until September 2019 Apple put on the market about 100 million a 6.1-inch smartphone. Now, however, it lowered its forecast to 70 million.

The analyst explains the low demand on some models of Apple’s smartphones trade war between the US and China and competition from Huawei, especially in emerging markets where consumers appreciate the dual cameras.

Along with the negative predictions about the volume of deliveries iPhone Xr Kuo also said that early next year, Apple could face a massive drop in demand for their smartphones. The analyst notes that in the first quarter of 2019 cupertinos can implement the order of 47 to 52 million smartphones. For comparison, this year has sold 52 million iPhones.


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