July 10, 2008, the day before the release of the iPhone 3G, Apple introduced the App store, which has changed the concept of smartphones and apps.

Before the launch of the App Store, in March 2008, Apple introduced the iPhone SDK to developers to create the first third-party iPhone apps. Within a few days of the iPhone SDK downloaded over 100 thousand times.

In July 2008, the App Store had 500 apps. 25 percent of them were free, others paid. Less than a week Apple reported that iPhone users have downloaded 10 million applications. From this point, the App Store is regularly evolving. We remembered all the important events that have happened to this store over the past 10 years.

3 Sep 2008. Apple refused to publish the utility Pull My Finger. It was then that the users learned about the moderators, who decide which applications to submit to the App Store. Other early causes of failure included excessive data transfer, pornography and fake reviews.

On 18 September 2008. Trism was one of the first popular games in the App Store for two months earned 250 thousand dollars.

11 Dec 2008. Apple has added a list of popular free and paid apps in the iTunes App Store.

23 APR 2009. Apple first apologized for approving the Baby Shaker game. Its main goal is to get the child to stop crying by using shaking your iPhone.

24 APR 2009. The number of downloaded apps in the App Store reached one billion. In honor of this event, Apple has launched a raffle of gift gift-cards with nominal value of 10 thousand dollars and other prizes.

15 Oct 2009. With free apps appeared purchase. This has led to the emergence of freemium apps, which now dominate in the App Store.

3 APR 2010. Apple released the first iPad, and with it introduced the App Store for tablets. At the start it was only 2 thousand apps for the iPad, including iBooks and Netflix. Two months later, the number of iPad apps has reached 7 thousand.

22 Jan 2011. App Store broke a new record of 10 billion downloaded apps. In this regard, Apple again launched a raffle gift-card for 10 thousand dollars.

15 Feb 2011. Apple was allowed to make subscriptions in apps. At the same time, Apple claimed that the developers have added the ability to subscribe through the app. For that Apple took 30% of the amount of the subscription. This rule was canceled four months later.

10 Mar 2011. Apple has started to require a password for purchases in free apps, but after the children have spent tens of thousands of dollars.

March 5, 2012. The App Store has crossed a new milestone — 25 billion apps downloaded.

July 13, 2012. Appeared techniques free download paid apps. In 2013, Apple began to struggle actively with services that mimic the App Store.

May 15, 2013. A new record for App Store — 50 billion downloads.

10 Jun 2013. Apple introduced iOS 7 with flat design. Appeared in the App Store section “Near me” auto-update apps.

19 Sep 2013. The App Store has added the category of “Children”.

20 Oct 2014. Apple launched Apple Pay, and allowed her to make purchases in apps.

23 October 2014. The present application TestFlight. With it, users can install the beta application.

April 25, 2015. Developers can create Apple Watch apps that are in addition to iOS apps.

June 8, 2015. The number of downloads in the App Store has exceeded 100 billion.

30 Oct 2015. Apple released the fourth-generation Apple TV with support for App Store.

8 June 2016. Apple announced major changes in the App Store. From the store began to remove the old apps. Developers are required to indicate all subscriptions and prices on them in the app description. Appeared in the App Store paid ads.


July 5, 2016. Pokémon Go is the first popular app with augmented reality. After 74 days it has become the most lucrative in the history of App Store.

13 September 2016. Added iMessage in the App Store with support for stickers.

December 15, 2016. In the App Store appeared first Nintendo game — Super Mario Run. During the first two months, she brought the creators of 53 million dollars.

19 Sep 2017. IOS 11 update, App Store. At the same time, Apple was allowed to publish apps with augmented reality based on ARKit.

11 Dec 2017. The App Store has added the ability to pre-order on the application.

To date, the App Store opens weekly 500 million people, and developers earned a total of $ 100 billion.


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