The Apple Card accounts will not be accessible from a browser
Apple has always positioned itself as one of the greatest leaders of modern privacy, especially among large corporations. Using the Apple Card company is the financial sector and lowered at a fairly unfamiliar market. Almost like any new player in the credit card market, Apple promises no or less cost and more privacy, but it seems that Apple has neglected to mention how difficult the map will be tied to the iPhone.

No wonder Apple Card you need an iPhone or at least an iOS device. Making a choice in favor of simplicity and eliminating the need of paper, everything in the Apple Card is on the device. This includes a view transaction and payment.

Unfortunately, Apple did not specify in advance that there was no other way to access this data, except with iOS devices. Although it provides convenience and security of access to accounts only from trusted devices, it brings a headache, when such devices are lost or stolen. You can’t even fill the balance of my credit card from the browser to avoid the penalty.

An Apple representative confirmed that you can access your Apple account Card only two ways in case of theft of the iPhone. You will need another iOS device, if it is associated with your account below to access the wallet. Another option is to call Apple support.

This is a serious inconvenience but it can also be one way of ensuring the security of the Apple platform. However, the Apple Card is still in its infancy and was not even released publicly, so Apple still has a chance to provide alternative means to access the account or, at least, to pay bills.

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