Credit card issued by Apple, together with Goldman Sachs, cannot be used to purchase cryptocurrency, according to the text of the user agreement posted on the website of the Bank.

The map will not be used to purchase not only a cryptocurrency, but also chips, lottery tickets and place bets at the racetrack. According to Reuters, both parties refused to comment on the issue.

As reported earlier by Bloomberg, the issuance of credit cards from Apple and Goldman Sachs [start] ( in the first half of August.

IPhone users will be able to issue the card through the Wallet app that will get Apple support Card under the operating system upgrade to iOS 12.4. Using the card owners will be able to return 1% of the amount of a purchase using a physical card and 2% of the amount of the purchase made using Apple Pay, and 3% of the amount of purchases or services Apple.

Apple and Goldman Sachs have shared responsibilities for the design of the card. The tech giant has prepared the design of the Apple Card and a software interface for the iPhone. Investment Bank, in turn, is directly responsible for job cards, processing transactions and collecting information for reports.

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