Apple employee Jizhong Chen was arrested by the FBI on suspicion of stealing confidential information related to the project Titan. The project Titan Apple is developing an unmanned vehicle.

Intelligence agencies claim that Jizhong Chen was planning to take all of the stolen secret files direct competitor Apple, which is also developing unmanned vehicles.

To implement his plan, Chen before departure to China in advance stole a trade secret owned by the American Corporation. Among taken by the employee information was confidential manuals, charts, diagrams, photos, which were sealed interior of the Apple.

The FBI claims that in some cases, Chen even tried to bypass the monitoring system Apple — a series of photographs of confidential documents were taken from the screen of his personal laptop.

It is reported that the officer aroused suspicion after some of the staff noticed what he was doing shots in important areas. After only a day FBI agents arrested the perpetrator while trying to fly to China.

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