Portrait shots taken on the iPhone XR will not be inferior in quality to works iPhone X, XS and XS Max, in spite of a single PV panel. About it PCMag editor lance Ulanoff told the head of Department of development of software for cameras Sebastian Marigne.

According to the Marinha, Apple engineers have done a really great job to achieve from a single iPhone camera XR high-quality portrait pictures. To do this they had to take another look at the principle of shooting, effectively creating a new mathematical model photos.

Portrait photography on the iPhone XR

The process of creating portrait photos with the rear camera XR is absolutely unique. If you believe the words of the developer, no one before Apple had never done anything like this. “All the other [smartphones] just blur the background behind your subject, just simulating a bokeh effect,” said Marinier.

Obviously, speaking about “everyone else”, Marinha meant Google, which first showed the world that the portrait shooting is possible even on mobile. In fairness it should be noted that the quality of pictures done on Google Pixel, not inferior iPhone, and in some ways even surpass them.


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