Apple has again scored its smartphones, was recognized in Russia as the highest risk. The corresponding conclusion was reached research firm Harris Interactive after the analysis of the number of devices delivered for repair to the country for the last two years.

In some services, specialize in the repair of smartphones, Apple takes about a third of all repaired gadgets. According to experts, most owners ablational treat problems related to the food system, and for good reason.

As you know, all modern iPhone come with batteries, capacity of which is low in comparison with its competitors on Android. Battery has to be frequently charged, which leads to rapid wear and loss of capacity, in addition, the power controller in the IPhones have never been known for its reliability. With regard to the most reliable devices from major manufacturers, the first line is the Huawei — smartphones it ceases to repair less often. In second place is the company Xiaomi, its smartphones too are not lauceston.

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