From Apple mobile devices with the installed region of “China” found an interesting glitch — when typing the words “Taiwan” or the Emoji with the flag of Taiwan gadget disconnected. About it said the security expert Patrick Wardle (Patrick Wardle) of Digita Security in his blog, who decided to investigate a complaint of his friend from Taiwan for “broke iPhone China”.

Shortly after the message Wordle on the Apple without any fuss to correct this shortcoming iOS 11 iOS 11.4.1. However, she managed to create an entire conspiracy theory involving Apple, the Chinese government and scheming against non-aligned Taiwan.

We are talking about devices with iOS version 11.3. “Taiwan” has proved deadly to many native and third-party applications for the iPhone and iPad including iMessages, Facebook and WhatsApp. As noted Wordl in his article, the bug looks created by Apple Inc.

The system has code that hides the Emoji with the flag of Taiwan when you select Chinese in the region in the settings. He believes that Apple has decided to please, so the Chinese government, but the code was in error, and began to suffer users.


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