At the invitation of Apple Russian photographer Sergey Ponomarev travelled all over Russia on the longest railway in the world — the TRANS-Siberian railway. 7 days. 8 time zones. 9 289 kilometers. The result of the trip was shot on iPhone photo project “Window between worlds”.

Sergey Ponomarev — journalist, multiple winner of the contest “Pressphotos,” the Pulitzer prize of 2016 in the category of Breaking News Photo for photos of refugees from the Middle East.

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Commissioned by Apple “A window between worlds.” 7 days. 8 time zones. 9,289 kilometers. Across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Check out Stories and IGTV for more. #TransSiberian #ShotoniPhone by Sergey P. @sergeyponomarev Score by Kate NV @katenvy

Publication from apple (@apple)

28 Mar 2019 6:09 PDT

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