In the FaceTime calls, for more than eight years by default, pre-installed on all mobile devices and computers, Apple has found a serious vulnerability. She writes allows you to call via FaceTime to anyone and, before receiving a call the user can hear the sound from the microphone of his mobile device.

Moreover, the flaw also allows you to see the image from the front camera of the gadget. Along with audio it is a serious threat, although such “espionage” due to the resounding alarm sound, and can not be secretive. It is assumed that the failure affects all devices running on iOS version 12.1 and later.

In order to reproduce the bug, you need to initiate a call in FaceTime, and then choose “Add source” and add your own number. Will start a group call, which will begin to be transmitted the sound from the device until the responding subscriber. If he presses the power button of the smartphone or tablet to the device the caller starts to flow and video. In this case, the device “spy” being a “victim” will be displayed as if he had already joined the group call. According to the journalists similarly, the bug is triggered and when calling from iPhone to Mac computer.

Apple has acknowledged the bug and promised to fix it by releasing a “patch” to the end of the week. Prior to this, the company has disabled FaceTime in the ability to initiate group calls.

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