The Apple showed on the video new foldable iPhone with camera for selfinsurance Apple released a movie, where they presented the appearance of a new convertible gadget has a retractable selfie camera. The device bears the name of Apple iFlex.

Externally, the gadget is similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold, but there are noticeable differences. For example, the main chetyrehstennoy camera is located vertically on the rear panel.

Externally, the iFlex has a book, bend it will be a screen inside. Diagonal external screen is 5.4 inches, an internal — 7.9 inches. The aspect ratio of 4:3.

Commentators video on YouTube is divided. Some noted the original approach to the design of the device and called it “modern”, others have expressed doubts about the size of the gadget (too big for one hand) and possible value (“Yes it will cost $ 10,000!”).

Presentation of new devices from Apple scheduled for fall 2019. However, since the developers want to equip devices with 5G network, there is an assumption that the yield of devices on the market may be delayed, according to the portal

Earlier Profile I wrote that Apple with Jan delay salaries to its developers, including from Russia.

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